Luscious Lips!
posted on May 24, 2013 | in Lips, Make-up

Luscious Lips!

Lips, lips, lips. As far back as I can remember, lip gloss was always a favourite of mine to buy, have and use. Searching the aisles for flavours, colours, cool packaging and sparkles. Ahhh, a girls dream come true!

Fast forward to your wedding day and all of a sudden you want to make sure you have the perfect lip accessory! What to choose? Lip gloss, lip stain, lipstick? The choices can be somewhat overwhelming and all of them are good options, depending on the look that you’re going for! Here’s a bit of information on the options out there to help you make your decision a little easier!

Lip gloss is something most of us are never without. It adds shine, hydrates and gives a little or a lot of colour! It’s super quick to apply and carry around throughout the day. One drawback though, is the staying power of gloss. It fades pretty quick if you eat or drink or just as the day wears on. For brides, it can be bothersome to always be reapplying lip gloss to make sure that your look stays the same in all your pictures and throughout the day. It all depends what you prefer!


Lip Stain is something that’s not as common to use, but it’s an excellent option! Lip stains are meant to enhance the lip colours and are often found in red, pink and peach hues. They are not waxy or have the same feel as lipstick, and they dry quite quickly once applied to the lips. Basically, the formula stains your lips and leaves you with the desired colour. What we love about lip stains is you can apply them and wear it either as a matte look or throw some lipgloss over top to bring out the colour even more and add some shine! They’re very versatile and have great staying power as well!


Lipsticks have been around for ages and are gaining in popularity again! Lipsticks come in thousands of shades and the choice can be a tad overwhelming, but once you find the right shade for you, you’ll never leave home without it! Lipsticks give your lips beautiful coverage that adds a bit of hydration, shine and a lot of staying power as well! You can also choose to enhance the shine factor by applying a lip gloss over top.


At GLO, we’ve just recently come across a line that we are falling in love with called Lip Tar. It’s 100% Vegan and it’s essentially a lip stain that has amazing durability and lasts for hours! It’s definitely a unique product because it comes in so many shades and they’re just begging to be mixed with other colours to create fun, new and custom shades just for you! We are loving them and can’t wait to try more colours!


I hope this gives a bit of insight as to the choices available out there!

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