Friday, October 25, 2013


We have some exciting news for GLO Makeup Studios once again!

**Drum roll please**

GLO has launched - AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION as a new service!
What is Airbrush Foundation?  Unlike traditional makeup (where you rub makeup into your skin), airbrushing sprays a fine mist, so the makeup "sits evenly" on your skin.  Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural looking finished result!

This amazing service has you covered - red spots, brown spots, any spot or blemish, even dark circles under your eyes!  You'll look bright, awake and alive at any time of day.

Airbrush makeup has amazing staying power - lasting as long as 24 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking!  No more touch ups needed.

Airbrush is the same makeup used on celebrities and fashion models - and now GLO is offering the 'look' to you!  Smooth, naturally even skin in any light, making you feel and look your best for your BIG day or event!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Luscious Lips!

Lips, lips, lips. As far back as I can remember, lip gloss was always a favourite of mine to buy, have and use. Searching the aisles for flavours, colours, cool packaging and sparkles. Ahhh, a girls dream come true!

Fast forward to your wedding day and all of a sudden you want to make sure you have the perfect lip accessory! What to choose? Lip gloss, lip stain, lipstick? The choices can be somewhat overwhelming and all of them are good options, depending on the look that you're going for! Here's a bit of information on the options out there to help you make your decision a little easier!

Lip gloss is something most of us are never without. It adds shine, hydrates and gives a little or a lot of colour! It's super quick to apply and carry around throughout the day. One drawback though, is the staying power of gloss. It fades pretty quick if you eat or drink or just as the day wears on. For brides, it can be bothersome to always be reapplying lip gloss to make sure that your look stays the same in all your pictures and throughout the day. It all depends what you prefer!

Lip Stain is something that's not as common to use, but it's an excellent option! Lip stains are meant to enhance the lip colours and are often found in red, pink and peach hues. They are not waxy or have the same feel as lipstick, and they dry quite quickly once applied to the lips. Basically, the formula stains your lips and leaves you with the desired colour. What we love about lip stains is you can apply them and wear it either as a matte look or throw some lipgloss over top to bring out the colour even more and add some shine! They're very versatile and have great staying power as well!

Lipsticks have been around for ages and are gaining in popularity again! Lipsticks come in thousands of shades and the choice can be a tad overwhelming, but once you find the right shade for you, you'll never leave home without it! Lipsticks give your lips beautiful coverage that adds a bit of hydration, shine and a lot of staying power as well! You can also choose to enhance the shine factor by applying a lip gloss over top.

At GLO, we've just recently come across a line that we are falling in love with called Lip Tar. It's 100% Vegan and it's essentially a lip stain that has amazing durability and lasts for hours! It's definitely a unique product because it comes in so many shades and they're just begging to be mixed with other colours to create fun, new and custom shades just for you! We are loving them and can't wait to try more colours!

I hope this gives a bit of insight as to the choices available out there!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carloyn's Wedding!

We had the privilege of being part of Carolyn's wedding back in January. We had just come out of a major cold snap the week before, but these girls were so full of smiles and we had such a great time with them that we (almost!!) forgot about the frigid temps outside!

The bride's twin sister was there to support Carolyn throughout her day and just looking at these 2 girls you could see the incredible bond/friendship between them. We were so honoured to be part of a little piece of this day!

The bride and maid of honor chose very natural looks with flawless faces and gold shades of eye colour which suited them perfectly! Here are a few pictures of the beautiful bride to be!

Congrats, beauty on your wedding! May you be blessed with many happy years and memories! 


The GLO Team :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Makeup: Pro or No?

Your wedding day is a day you'll never forget! From the smallest details that you spent hours dreaming of and working on, to the most exciting parts that you and your spouse will remember forever. You research photographers, stationary, florists, decor and spend hours trying on dresses, but sometimes something so important as how your makeup looks is forgotten.

Why choose professional makeup artists for your big day?

Many women know how to apply their everyday makeup and it looks beautiful, but when you step in front of a camera or need your makeup to stay flawless and in place all day, there are certain skills a professional makeup artist has been taught to help you look perfect all day long.

Professional makeup artists know how to match skin tones with colours, contouring face shapes, how to enhance your best features and to make your skin glow. There are also certain skills to make eyes "pop" and the skin look absolutely flawless which will transfer onto the photo images you'll see from your photographer.  For example - did you know that foundation with SPF flashes 'white' to a camera making you looked washed out and pale for your wedding pictures?

Most professional makeup artists will have a very large assortment of professional makeup often not found in drug/department stores, colours, different types of foundations and products suited to all skin types so that the bride, bridesmaids and even mother of the bride/groom can look their absolute best!  When looking at your wedding album years down the road there is no better feeling than knowing and remembering how great you and your party looked and felt that very special day.

Most importantly, it's your day!! Let someone else take care of your makeup so you can sit and relax, laugh and enjoy the day surrounded by your friends and family. There's no need to stress over a tiny blemish the day of your wedding - makeup artists carry enough arsenal to fight almost anything!

When booking your makeup artist, don't be afraid to ask questions or give suggestions of the look you want to achieve. Most makeup artists also travel to make it even more convenient for you on your wedding day. We come with everything we need and we leave you with no mess to clean up so you can focus on you and your day!

For more information on wedding makeup bookings please contact or visit our website at 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Gift Sets!

It's one month till Christmas Eve - are you ready? This year I started early and have shopped slowly, so it's seemed quite relaxed and I think I'm almost done! But there's always a few people left on your list that you just don't know what to get. Teenager? Friend? Maybe even something a little extra for your mom?

We have some amazing Christmas Gift sets to show you and I think you'll fall in love, just like we have!

3 beautiful and unique sets include: Lip Service, Eye Catching, and a set of 3 mini shimmers. Each set comes wrapped in a pink organza bag, ready to give!

Lip Service $29 includes a Clear Lip Glaze, 2 mini shimmers in White Gold and Pink Glaze, and 2 empty pots for mixing. 

With FACE atelier cosmetics, you control things, so how perfect is it that you can custom mix your own lip glaze? White Gold is light and sheer with a hint of gold flecks that will add sparkle to your holidays. Pink Glaze is a fun and light colour that will add just the right amount of colour to your lips! The more shimmer you add, the more intense, so it's all up to you!

Eye Catching $29 includes a Transforming Gel, 2 mini shimmers in Snake Eyes and Champagne, and 2 empty pots for mixing. 

Make a statement this holiday season! Use Transforming Gel and a bit of shimmer to create amazing liquid eye colour with the staying power to outlast your longest holiday function! 
Snake Eyes is a colour all its own. It has flecks of gold, green and bronze which accent any eye colour and it catches the light in mysterious ways.
Or use Champange, a best selling colour for many reasons. It's light, shimmery and has a hint of pink to give your eyes subtlety and yet a gorgeous hue. Use alone or add a bit of transforming gel to mix a beautiful liquid eye colour.

 Set of 3 Mini Shimmers. $10 Includes 3 pots of shimmers in Aubergine, Snake Eyes and Champagne.

You won't find a more beautiful trio of shimmers for every occasion. Aubergine is a beautiful purple that has shimmer and depth, yet you can control how dark or light it goes. Snake Eyes is full of mystery, with different flecks of colour that catch the light, and Champagne is a beautiful light colour that is perfect for every day wear as a light and beautiful eye colour.

And just because we're feeling festive this year, we've decided to discount our 4 well palette combo even more, just until Christmas!

4 well palette includes 4 pans of eyeshadow of your choice OR 3 pans of eye shadow and 1 cake eyeliner. All for $50!! ($78 value) Visit to see all 33 beautiful shades of colours.

Quantities are limited, so please don't hesitate! Contact to place your order!

Merry Christmas beauties!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfectly Set, Chantelle & Jon

The Southern Suite collaborated for the second shoot of the Perfectly Set contest where two beautiful couples were voted our lucky winners.  The winners received a styled photoshoot from hair and makeup to a remarkable tablescape.  

The shoot took place in a enchanting location where the willow trees hung romantically around our styled tablescape.  The table was styled with a palette of grey, soft pink and metallics.  The vintage china, elegant stationery designed by Des of Paper Airplanes and delicate flower arrangement and bouquet created by Megan of Bloom created a stunning backdrop to our beautiful couple Chantelle and Jon.

Chantelle wore a romantic strapless mermaid gown provided by Bliss Bridal Boutique in Winnipeg.  A custom handmade fascinator designed by Kari of Dove Tree Art & Design was pinned amongst her chic braided updo by Kim at Shear Bliss Salon and Day Spa and Chantelle's look was polished off with soft, romantic make up by talented makeup artist Audrey of Glo Makeup Studios.  Once the table was set and the couple was ready we let the fabulous ladies of Jack & Ruby Photography and Lani Elias Fine Art Photography do their magic.

To view more photos from this shoot visit each vendors blog!
Styling & Flowers: Bloom 
Stationery: Paper Airplanes
Styling & Hair Piece: Dove Tree Art & Design
Hair: Shear Bliss Salon and Day Spa
Makeup: Glo Makeup Studios
Photography: Jack & Ruby Photography
Photography: Lani Elias Fine Art Photography

The following images by Lani Elias Fine Art Photography.


Photos by Jack & Ruby Photography

Monday, November 12, 2012

Robin & Dan, Perfectly Set

We are excited to release the first session from our Perfectly Set Contest where two couples won an evening of pampering and a photo session with the Southern Suite artists. We had a great time with our couple Robin & Dan creating an organic theme for their session. Here is a sneak peek... For more photos from this session visit the various vendors' links below.

The following images by Jack & Ruby Photography

The following images by Lani Elias Fine Art Photography

See more from this session on the following websites. Flowers and Styling by Bloom / Stationery by Paper Airplanes  Accessories and Styling by Dove Tree Design / Makeup by GLO Makeup Studios Hair by Shear Bliss Salon and Day Spa / Photography by Jack & Ruby Photography and Lani Elias Fine Art Photography. A special thanks to Bliss Bridal for supplying the gorgeous dress.